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9 features that will make you love Backyou, the group and seminar management software

You are currently viewing 9 features that will make you love Backyou, the group and seminar management software

In today’s fast-paced world, staying organised can seem like a monumental challenge as a hotelier. Fortunately, technology has come to our rescue, offering a wide range of software solutions to help streamline our daily lives.

Backyou software is one of those powerful time-saving tools. If you’re not familiar with this game-changing group and seminar management software, fear not! In this article, we’re going to show you 9 features that will make you love Backyou.

Feature no. 1: Tailor-made sales proposals in just 1 click

Backyou will save you an enormous amount of time with the ability to create and send even the most complex quotes in record time. Thanks to an advanced tool, you can easily customise your online and PDF sales proposal templates to perfectly reflect your establishment’s identity. You can also quickly create personalised packages.

Simplify your quotation creation process and improve your commercial responsiveness with Backyou, optimising the management of groups and seminars with maximum efficiency.

Feature no. 2: Automated contracts and invoices

With Backyou, managing contracts and invoices becomes a smoother process. Take advantage of automatic generation of the proforma and the contract, allowing you to devote more time to other crucial aspects of your business.

In addition, Backyou offers automatic document updating, ensuring that any changes made to the contract are immediately reflected in the proforma and vice versa. This automatic synchronisation not only speeds up the work cycle, but also ensures maximum accuracy in the management of financial documents.

Feature no. 3: Request form from your website

Facilitate the interaction between your potential customers and your establishment thanks to our optimised request forms. The request form is designed to fully capture the customer’s group & seminar needs.

You can fully customise the form, both in terms of content and graphic design, so that it integrates seamlessly with the aesthetics of your site. This customisation strengthens your brand presence and provides a consistent user experience.

Feature no. 4: Intelligent job cards

Backyou’s intelligent function sheets take group and seminar management to a new level of efficiency. The auto-generated function sheets will save you a lot of time.

Sharing these files is digitised and optimised, enabling smooth collaboration with your teams. Backyou also facilitates automatic tracking of changes, ensuring that updates are recorded and accessible in real time. These intelligent features speed up the communication process and ensure seamless coordination.

Feature no. 5: CRM functionality

Backyou’s CRM features provide optimised monitoring of customer, company and agency performance. The task and business activity dashboard provides a complete view of past, current and future commitments. The pipeline of your files also provides a clear view of the progress of each project, facilitating planning and decision-making.

These CRM features enable Backyou to offer you powerful tools to optimise your group and seminar management.

Feature no. 6: PMS connectivity

What could be better than using software that complements and, above all, connects with others? Thanks to Backyou’s various PMS connections, you can access your availability and rates in real time, so you can make quick, informed decisions.

Send your options and bookings directly to the PMS in one click, simplifying the booking management process. Synchronise all your revenues from Backyou, including rooms, seminar rooms and catering services.

Feature no. 7: Group & seminar file centre

With Backyou, goodbye to scattered documents, endless e-mail chains and endless spreadsheets. This software offers a platform where all your group files are centralised, along with all the related information.

For hotel chains, distribute and manage requests across your portfolio of establishments and benefit from a central overview of the activity of all your establishments. This will enable you to develop collaboration between head office and the establishments.

Backyou allows you to streamline your workflow and increase productivity by effortlessly accessing all the data in your files with just a few clicks.

Feature 8: Business statistics dashboards

Statistics dashboards are powerful tools for optimising group and seminar management. With Backyou, you can check your performance in real time. Effectively track KPIs by venue, customer or salesperson, enabling you to identify trends and adjust your strategy accordingly.

Backyou goes beyond simple observation by offering the possibility of exporting and customising your statistics. Gain clarity and make informed decisions at a glance.

Feature no. 9: Payment tracking and reminders

The Backyou tool enables automatic dunning of payments, guaranteeing proactive management of deadlines and optimisation of financial flows. Automatic reconciliation of payments, including those made by transfer, considerably simplifies the tedious task of manual verification and minimises the risk of human error.

Accounting tracking is also simplified, providing a clear and detailed overview of all group and seminar transactions.

To conclude on Backyou’s features

The nine features outlined in this article demonstrate the versatility and effectiveness of this software. From the automated generation of contracts and invoices to customisable request forms, CRM dashboards and automated payment tracking, Backyou offers a panoply of intelligent tools that facilitate every aspect of group & seminar management.

Whether you are a seminar hotel, a hotel group, a hostel or an independent establishment, Backyou adapts to your specific needs. To see for yourself how Backyou can transform the way you manage groups and seminars, we invite you to request a free demo.