Terms and conditions of use

The purpose of this document is to define the terms and conditions under which, on the one hand, AGAH SA, hereinafter referred to as the PUBLISHER, operating the “Backyou” trade name on its Internet site accessible at the address https//backyou.io, makes the site and the services available on the site available to its users (the USER) and, on the other hand, the manner in which the USER accesses the site and uses its services. By USER, we mean both the Referred Provider (the REFERRED PROVIDER) and the visitor seeking information on the referenced services (the VISITOR).

Any connection to the site is subject to compliance with these conditions.

For the USER, the simple access to the site of the PUBLISHER at the following URL address backyou.io implies the acceptance of all the conditions described hereafter.

Intellectual property

Aucune reproduction, même partielle, autre que celles prévues à l’article L.122-5 du Code de la propriété intellectuelle, ne peut être faite de ce site sans l’autorisation de l’EDITEUR.


The backyou.io website may contain hyperlinks to other websites on the Internet. Links to these other resources will cause you to leave the backyou.io website.

It is possible to create a link towards the presentation page of this site without express authorization of the PUBLISHER. No authorization or request for preliminary information can be required by the PUBLISHER towards a site which wishes to establish a link towards the site of the PUBLISHER. It is however advisable to display this site in a new window of the browser. However, the PUBLISHER reserves the right to ask for the suppression of a link which he considers not in conformity with the object of the site HYPERLINK “https://backyou.io” backyou.io.

Responsibility of the PUBLISHER

The service proposed by the PUBLISHER is strictly limited to the referencing of service providers (REFERENCE PROVIDER).

Consequently, any order, request for estimate or information on a referenced service is concluded directly between the REFERENCE PROVIDER and the Visitor. The PUBLISHER has in this matter no role of intermediary.

The PUBLISHER is not a travel agent in the sense of the provisions of articles L.212-1 and following of the Tourism Code and does not intend to be one.

The order of the service thus concluded is thus entirely subjected to the general conditions of the Provider, the present GTC having vocation to govern only the referencing Service proposed by the PUBLISHER.

Any dispute, any contestation and more generally any question relating to the transaction thus concluded will have to be settled directly between the VISITOR and the REFERENCE PROVIDER.

The information and/or documents appearing on this site and/or accessible through this site come from sources considered reliable. However, the information and/or documents may contain technical inaccuracies and typographical errors. The PUBLISHER reserves the right to correct them, as soon as these errors are brought to its attention.

The information and/or documents available on this site are likely to be modified at any time, and can have been the subject of updates. In particular, they may have been updated between the time they were downloaded and the time the VISITOR became aware of them.

The VISITOR must, in any event, consider this information as indicative. It is therefore strongly recommended that the Visitor checks the accuracy and relevance of this information when contacting REFERENCE SERVICE SUPPLIER.

The use of the information and/or documents available on this site is made under the whole and only responsibility of the USER, who assumes the totality of the consequences which can result from it, without the PUBLISHER being able to be required for this reason, and without recourse against this last one.

The PUBLISHER cannot in no case be held responsible for any damage of some nature that it is resulting from the interpretation or from the use of information and/or documents available on this site.

Access to the site

The PUBLISHER makes an effort to allow the access to the site 24 hours on 24, 7 days on 7, except in case of force majeure or of an event out of the control of the PUBLISHER, and subject to the possible breakdowns and interventions of maintenance necessary to the good functioning of the site and the services.

Consequently, the PUBLISHER cannot guarantee an availability of the site and/or the services, a reliability of the transmissions and performances in terms of response time or quality. It is not foreseen any technical assistance towards the USER that it is by electronic or telephone means.

The responsibility of the publisher could not be committed in case of impossibility of access to this site and/or of use of the services.

Moreover, the PUBLISHER can be brought to interrupt the site or a part of the services, at any time without notice, the whole without right to indemnities. The USER recognizes and accepts that the PUBLISHER is not responsible for the interruptions, and for the consequences which can result from it for the USER or any third party.

Modification of the conditions of use

The PUBLISHER reserves the possibility of modifying, at any time and without notice, the present conditions of use in order to adapt them to the evolutions of the site and/or its exploitation.

Rules for use on the Internet

The USER declares that he/she accepts the characteristics and limits of the Internet, and in particular acknowledges that :

  • The PUBLISHER does not assume any responsibility on the services accessible by Internet and does not exert any control of some form that it is on the nature and the characteristics of the data which could transit via its server centre.
  • The USER acknowledges that the data circulating on the Internet is not protected, in particular against possible misappropriation. The presence of the Backyou logo establishes a simple presumption of validity. The communication of any information deemed by the USER to be of a sensitive or confidential nature is done at his/her own risk.
  • The USER acknowledges that data circulating on the Internet may be regulated in terms of use or be protected by property rights.
  • The USER is solely responsible for the use of the data he/she consults, queries and transfers on the Internet.
  • The USER acknowledges that the PUBLISHER has no control over the content of the services accessible on the Internet.

Provisions specific to REFERENCE PROVIDERS

The website https//backyou.io allows the REFERENCE PROVIDER to take control of its page free of charge and to make changes to it.

To do this, it is up to a representative of the REFERENCE PROVIDER to make himself known to the PUBLISHER by clicking on the button I AM OWNER OF THIS HOTEL present on each hotel page.

By taking control of its page, the REFERENCE PROVIDER :

  • Declares that he is authorised to put this information online, in his capacity as legal representative or duly authorised agent of REFERENCE SERVICE SUPPLIER
  • Acknowledges that he/she has read the present general conditions and accepts them without reservation
  • Certifies that the information on this page complies with all legal and regulatory provisions in force
  • Acknowledges that it is solely responsible for the information appearing on its page, which it certifies to be sincere and true.
  • Undertakes to guarantee the PUBLISHER from all condemnations and all judicial and extrajudicial expenses which this last could support because of the recourse of thirds motivated by the information appearing on its page.
  • Waives all liability claims against the PUBLISHER.

Processing of personal data

In accordance with the Data Protection Act of 6 January 1978, the Backyou site has been declared to the CNIL. The personal information that you are brought to provide on the site Group Corner is intended only for the PUBLISHER; as such, they will be the subject of external communications only for the only needs of the management or to satisfy the legal and lawful obligations.

In a logic of respect of the private life of its USERS, the PUBLISHER commits himself to the fact that the collection and the treatment of personal information, carried out within the present site, are carried out in accordance with the law n°78-17 of January 6th, 1978 relating to data processing, to files and to liberties, called “Data-processing and Liberties” Law. In accordance with the articles 39 and following of the law “Informatique et Libertés”, the PUBLISHER guarantees to the USER a right of opposition, access and rectification on the personal data concerning him.

Applicable law

Both this site and the terms and conditions of its use are governed by French law, regardless of the place of use. In the event of a dispute, and after all attempts to find an amicable solution have failed, only the Dijon Commercial Court will be competent to hear the dispute.