+ 10 years of expérience in booking groups and events

+ 10 years of experience in booking groups and events

2013 : Groupcorner is founded

Antoine, a former hotel manager, and Baudouin, CTO, share the same observation: booking groups can be a headache for both hoteliers and customers. They decided to launch Groupcorner, a booking platform that connects groups with the right accommodation.

2014-2018 : European expansion

The platform will soon have more than 25,000 partner accommodations and generate tens of thousands of group bookings each year. The activity will expand abroad, notably in Spain, Italy, Holland, Germany and the United Kingdom.

2019 : Launch of the Congress solution

Groupcorner identifies a new problem and launches “Congress”: an accommodation solution for events, conferences and trade fairs.

It allows organisers of large events to create white-label sites that include an accommodation booking solution and a registration solution.

2020 : Launch of the GPS solution

After making tens of thousands of group bookings, Groupcorner decided to put its technology at the service of hoteliers by creating Grouporner Property Solution, a cloud-based group and event management solution.

The solution quickly found its audience and after only 2 years of existence already has 600 hotel users.

2023 : GPS becomes Backyou !